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☀️ Summer Sale: 50% Off Delights for Your Furry Companions! 🐾🌞✨
☀️ Summer Sale: 50% Off Delights for Your Furry Companions! 🐾🌞✨


Luxurious Pet Grooming Set for a Shiny Coat


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  • 🐶 Effortless detangling for a smooth coat
  • 🛡️ Safe, soothing grooming experience
  • 🐜 Easy removal of fleas and lice
☀️ Summer Sale - Save 33% ☀️ Summer Sale - Save 33%
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Color: Blue
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nleash the secret to a radiant, healthy coat with GroomBrush - the luxurious pet grooming set designed to pamper your furry friend, fostering an unbreakable bond as you nurture their shine and well-being, ensuring every stroke brings out the best in your pet’s coat, making grooming sessions an awaited bonding moment.

The Perfect Pair for a Clean, Happy Pet

This luxurious pet grooming set is designed with your furry family member's well-being in mind. Imagine their coat, shinier and healthier than ever, making your pet the envy of the park. With GroomBrush, that imagination turns into reality, promising not just a grooming routine, but a ritual filled with joy and affection.

Detangle, Massage, and Trim with Ease

Our pet needle and oblique needle combs not only detangle and remove loose hair effortlessly but also offer a soothing massage for your furry friend. Paired with our genius-designed metal nail clippers and crescent scissors, grooming becomes stress-free, all-in-all ensuring your pet is cared for quickly, easily, and safely.


  • Luxurious Pet Grooming Set for a Shiny Coat
  • Knot-Free Happiness
  • Safe, Gentle Massage
  • Pest Removal
  • Enhances Pet Well-Being
  • Made Out Of TPR Material & Stainless Steel
  • Colors: Pink & Blue
  • For Sizing Please See Product Picture
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